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How to use colors to enhance your natural beauty

Enhance your natural beauty by using colors that are most flattering for you! Today, we’re going to talk about how to make your eyes pop!
First a few important highlights from color theory:

Makeup tricks to make your eyes pop
Red, Yellow and Blue are the primary colors most popular used by artist. With these three colors you can make a multitude of new colors. However, reproducing the entire range of human color vision with three primaries is generally not possible. Complementary colors are hues opposites on the color wheel. When mixed together they neutralize or make brown but when placed in close proximity to each other they strengthen one another.
Contrast is the difference in luminance and/or color that makes an object, or its representation in an image or display, distinguishable.

Now for the practical:

Blued-eyed Beauties

blue eyes make your eyes pop

The best way to enhance your sky colored eyes is with the contrast of orange. A tangerine lip would be spectacular or try a peach blush. If you are feeling daring go for oranges on your lids. But remember when using pop colors choose one feature as your focus, keep the others fairly neutral. For a more subtle look translate the orange to traditional colors like bronze or golds. Look for orange undertones; warm browns to bounce off the cool blues. And deep burnt oranges to blend out your crease color.

blue eyes make your eyes pop

Green-eyed Goddesses

Green eyes make your eyes pop make up tricks
Your complementary color is red.
A red lip can do wonders for your eyes turning them into shinny emeralds. Rosy cheeks can also be key but be careful not to over do the red, red is another one of those pop colors that should be focused in only one area. A sculpted cheek in a neutral tone is my favorite to wear with red lips. I wouldn’t recommend using red eyeshadow for an everyday look, but please don’t let me stop your creativity. Instead I’d suggest colors with red in them. My go to color is purple and ones alike. Maroon and cranberry are possibilities as well.

make your green eyes pop

Brown-eyed Babes

brown eyes pop makeup tricks
From light carmels to rich chocolates you lucky ones look best in most colors. But the deep warm browns are going to pop the most when paired with a green shadow. And with honey brown’s amber touches violet is going to be a very close contender as a complementary color. Colors with a violet feeling will be great on the lips like: berry and eggplant hues.

make your brown eyes pop

The In-between-ers

For eyes that have multiple colors present it’s your choice to decide which color you would like to emphasize; and then find the corresponding complementary color and explore new was to boost your pupil color.

The color of your pupil isn’t the only pigmentation that can be enhance. You can compliment your complexion with the right color contrast. For the cool olive skin toned warm reds and pinks. For more golden tones purple based blushes. Porcelain skin can be over powered by pop colors where as saturated dark skins need an intense color to stand next to the natural richness. For fairer skin choose shear washes or pastel toned blushes. Best bet is  it to find a blush color closest to your natural lip color.

*insider info*
Coral (pinkish orange) is the one color most women afraid of wearing but is truly the one color that looks best on most women.

colors to make your eyes pop

colors to make your eyes pop

By: Rayanna Tucker


Pin-Worthy Hair

We <3 Pinterest as much as the next girl, and some of our best inspiration comes from our boards.

We’ve curated the best hair styles for Spring. Come in and challenge one of our stylists to recreate the look if you are as obsessed as we are!

And, of course, make sure you follow our boards for inspiration all year long.

Pinterest hair Inspiration

Pinterest hair Inspiration

Pinterest hair Inspiration

Pinterest hair Inspiration



St Patrick’s Nail Inspiration Board

Click to view our inspiration board for St. Patrick’s Day Nails

Pinch yourself over these beautiful shades of  jade and glitter to get you shamrock ready for March 17th. Have some fun with some of these playful nail patterns and book your nail design appointment today!

March Inspiration


7 Beauty Tips for Spring

The weather is warming up, which means spring is in the air! Start off the new season right with a brand new beauty regimen. These 7 tips are curated from our awesome Park Avenue stylists. Let’s get you gorgeous.

7.  Refresh your color.

Did you let your color dull over the winter months? Come in for a custom-color refresher with our Fabuloso pro line. This is a great way to revitalize your color if you’re not ready for a full all over color. You can also create a custom-mix for at home treatment. There’s no excuse for less than perfect color this spring. You deserve to always look your very best.


6. Condition!

Any time there is a change in weather, your hair can freak out and frizz. Prevent this from happening with a conditioning masque. Some of our favorites include Evo’s The Great Hydrator moisture mask and Mane Prescription Protein Treatment. Take them home, or add it onto your blowout at the salon. Your hair will be thanking you for the extra dose of love.


5. Prevent chipping with a gel polish (preferably in a bright color).

Spring means outdoor picnics, hikes, and maybe even gardening. And who can keep their manicure looking nice with all the extra activity? Gel polish lasts about 2 weeks with zero chipping. It’s an obvious choice. We <3 bright colors for the warmer weather, and maybe some nail art if you’re really feeling playful.

5842_657817947583273_624144279_n 1000512_657818000916601_148455545_n 1394296_657818007583267_1364017273_n

4. Step outside your comfort zone.

Try something new this season. Rock a braid instead of curls for a Friday night, add some highlights, or chop it all off. Spring is a time to for newness. Embrace it.

hair makeup and nails by Park Avenue Salon

3. Au natural (or so they think).

Spring is perfect for that fresh, flirty look. We love beach waves and bronzed glowing skin. Add a texturizer to your hair for easy waves. Our choice is Kevin Murphy’s Hair Resort. For bronzed skin, you can either get a spray tan, or use a lotion that adds gradual color. And to keep it glowing, a facial toner will be your best friend!


2. Luscious Lips.

Petal pink lip gloss looks soft, and kissable. Just make sure you use a moisturizer before so that your lips are as soft as they look.

Screen Shot 2014-03-02 at 3.45.11 PM

1. Own it.

Be confident. Stand stall, smile, and relax. Being comfortable in your own skin is the easiest way to look your very best.



Kitchen Remedies for the Skin

Skin care doesn’t have to be expensive! Here are three quick and easy skin fixes that you can find right in your kitchen.

FOX 10 News – Phoenix, AZ | KSAZ-TV


1)My first kitchen beauty tip is the use of coconut oil.


Due to its high content of fatty acids it can be used multiple ways:
Simply as a skin softener. Apply coconut oil to dry skin and watch the hydration happen right before your eyes. Or add equal parts sugar for a hydrating exfoliant that can be used all over the body, even your face and lips. Coconut oil is a great makeup remover as well.

2) Another fantastic moisturizer is lactic acid which can be found in organic whole milk.


Lactic acid actually gently dissolves dead skin cells and can reduce inflammation. A 15 min warm bath with 16 oz of organic whole milk can do wonders for the skin. And if you’re ever suffering for a sunburn a washcloth soaked in ice cold organic whole milk then placed on the body can relieve pain and some redness. Allow the cloth to sit till it reaches room temperature then re-saturate the cloth and apply to a new area.


3)   And for the those pesky pimps Ginger may be a surprising treatment.


Cut a cross section of ginger root, then gently massage the soft interior part on the pimple for five minutes. This will unclog the pore and reduce inflammation
And it won’t dry out the skin because it actually increases circulation which brings more nutrients to the surface.
Great for ingrown hairs as well.


-Rayanna Tucker

Park Avenue Skin Specialist



All Tied Up – How to Integrate Colorful Scarves into your Hair

Get all tied up with this Spring/Summer Hair trend.

Add instant color with flirty liberty prints and florals with some of these variations I have spotted recently.

1) The Scarf Braid:


Start by using the scarf to tie off a pony tale and then incorporate the ends into the braid. Tie off at the end.


Use the scarf as a head band, section your hair into three including the scarf ends into two of your sections. Braid down and tie off with an elastic band, or wrap scarf ends around and tie off.


Probably one of the more tricky braided scarf incorporations to accomplish on yourself … Section the hair down the middle into two parts. Tie off one side so it is out of the way. I would probably secure the center fold section of the scarf with a bobby pin to the lower middle part of the hair to provide leverage for braiding. Section one half of the hair into: two parts hair, one part scarf. Braid. Repeat on there side. Tie the two braids together at the top of the head into some sort of nifty knot. And waaalaaa … this not so effortless look, looks effortless.

2) The Simple Tie Off:


Now this one is easy… Literally just use the scarf to tie off a pony tail. Done and fabulous!


This hair style looks something similar to the not so effortless braided look I discussed earlier, but that is not why I picked it… regardless of how much energy you want to put into your actual hair style, the scarf incorporation is simple. From the bottom to the top of your head, just securely tie a knot at the top and tuck the tales in.


…and another similar turban look.

3) Buns and other interesting Styles. 

There is no wrong way to scarf … so run with it … or should I say bun with it?


With this look, secure one end of the scarf around the ponytail. Twist the hair including the scarf and wrap around into a bun. Secure with bobby pins, and with the remaining portion of the scarf twist and pin the tale around the bun.


And for my last look… well… I don’t really know what is going on here. If I had to guess, they rolled up the hair with the scarf, tied it together, and tucked the tales in. Oh, and threw in some fancy braid up top. Who knows really.

So have fun and get creative with your scarves this Spring.

Scarves arent for necks anymore.

-Holli Chris


Three Steps to Valentine’s Worthy Hair

Love is in the hair

 Look and feel fabulous for your Valentine’s date! Book your appointment today!

Turn up the heat with inspiration from Victoria’s Secrets’ bombshell hair styling.

Here are three steps to achieve this Angel’s look:

1)  Shampoo and condition hair with Kevin Murphy’s (KM) volumizing Angel Wash and Rinse, because you are angel of course! Spritz your roots with KM Anti Gravity Spray to add volume and texture to your roots. Power dry with your blow dryer to a gentle frizz. Using Anti Gravity Spray as a setting spray, curl set your hair, and pin or roller your hair to cool.

Screen Shot 2014-02-04 at 8.49.33 PM

Reasons why I love KM Angel Wash and Rinse:

- It smells like heavenly clouds made of marshmallow

- It is a volumizing shampoo that doesn’t dry your hair out!

Reasons why I love KM Anti Gravity Spray:

- Adding texture to your hair helps your hair “grip” the curl.

- It is oil free and actually absorbs oils at the root extending the life time of your style .

Reasons why I love curl setting hair:

- It re-enforces volume at the root.

- Hair holds the shape it cools in. So don’t curl your hair, let the curls drop down and go flat… pin them up!


2) Next, take down your curl set and brush out your hair. Don’t worry about the process of brushing your curls out, your hair has style memory, and because your hair cooled in the curled shape, the curls will return when you twist your hair through your fingers. Now section your hair and sprinkle KM Powder Puff at the root throughout crown of your head. Massage the roots up ward with your finger tips to see added volume to your hair.

Screen Shot 2014-02-04 at 9.11.04 PM

Reasons why I love KM Smoothing Brush:

- It is made out of boar bristle, which smooths down the cuticle of the hair to add shine.

- It doesn’t cause a static!

Reasons why I love brushing out curl sets:

- It breaks up the curl pattern, and finger twisting the curls back in gives an effortless, sexy look.

Reasons why I love KM Powder Puff:

- These little texture fibers add extreme texture at the root that act like scaffolding structure to your hair to give it new heights.

- Fell like your hair is going flat at the end of the night? Just massage your roots and watch the volume re-appear.


3)  Once you have achieved the desired style, it is time to seal the deal with a few sprays of KM Session Spray to hold your look all night. And an Angel isn’t complete with out some shimmer! … Sprits KM Shimmer Shine Spray over top of your hair and watch your style come to life. Screen Shot 2014-02-04 at 8.50.01 PM

Reasons why I love KM Session Spray:

- This finishing spray is workable, but has a strong hold.

Reasons why I love KM Shimmer Shine Spray:

- Not only does it add shine to your hair, it adds a sparkle to your highlights.

- Ummm … it smells amazing and I spray it all over my body.


Follow these steps to Angel worthy hair, and your curls are assured to last all night for your sweet Valentine  … if not a few days.

For more information on these techniques and products, visit the Park Avenue Blow Dry Salon today and our stylists will make sure you are on the right track.

Or if you just want to be pampered, book your appointment today and leave the Victoria’s Secret styling to us.

Call (480)321-7780 or book online!


Love is in the hair,

- Holli Chris


Valentine’s Day Nail Special

Valentine's Day Nail Art Inspiration

Love is in the air with Valentine’s Day around the corner. Get in the spirit with fun nail art by our head nail technician, Leah Smith. Come in anytime now through February 15th and get free nail art on 2 fingers!

Here’s some fun inspiration to your ideas flowing:

Valentines Day Inspiration nails nail art valentines day

All images pulled from Leah’s pinterest page:




Elle Holinger Boutique


Elle’s Look of the Week:Spring Fashion Trend Phoenix Boutique

Elle Holinger is modeling the light weight graphic sweater with sequins, layered over a tutu cami and accessorized with a statement necklace. 

Perfume Sweater $59, Tutu Cami $37, Black Bag $78, Large Black Bead Necklace $11

Stop into Park Avenue TODAY to get this look and more!