Self Love: A Map on how to get there

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You are here to make yourself happy!!! If you’re not, today is a great day to change that.

Jump, it’s not as wide as you think. We all get wrapped up in our busy schedule that we  end up forgetting about ourselves. Take some personal time. Go out and do something that scares you. Changing your  mindset and opening  your eyes, as well as your heart, is the only way we can truly receive radical love. Now here are some ideas on how.


Be a better babe:

photo by George Antoni

Seek your glamours side. Shake up your beauty regime and let your inner diva shine. Come to the salon and get a makeover with a new cut and color. Let us teach you new ways to style your hair. As most of you know, getting your hair done is so wonderful, and I know if my hair isn’t right then I don’t feel right.




Try colors in your makeup that you were once afraid of, like deep violets for brown eyes or rich greens for blue or green eyes. We love pushing the boundaries and want to educated you on how to do so the right way.Its okay to splurge on great quality products (don’t worry we wont tell your man.)We believe in the product lines that we carry here in the salon and know whats best for every one.

Do what makes YOU feel good!!







Get your feet wet:

Large_8f34967cb5617685e68ca7c70b57ef2cTake on a new adventure. Book that ticket you have been dreaming about.

Why sit back on life and always wonder “what if”. Take a road trip with a friend and eat somewhere you have never been before. Spontaneity is a wonderful quality to carry. Getting dirty isn’t always a bad thing. Make sure to laugh A LOT. Bring your camera and document the whole trip.

Memories are so powerful, so make them great. Its always nice to get out of your element and experience a new world. This is why we exist.




Worship your Temple:


Not only being beautiful on the outside, but being healthy and balanced on the inside is important too.

Discovering your inner spirit is astonishing. Always strive to truly be the best that you can be. Recently I have dramatically changed what I am consuming. I never realized how much crap I would consume in a day. So I started to document what went into my body and I was shocked. Eating clean and healthy really has changed so much, not just the way I fit into my clothes but also how good my brain feels.

Having more energy and stamina than ever I feel like I can accomplish anything in this world.




Come to the Spa, Get a relaxing facial.Take up a yoga class at the gym.




Inspire: (someone) with the urge or ability to do or feel something, esp. to do something creative

Keep inspiring all those around you and keep having awestruck moments. Be aware of yourself and how others perceive you, trust me it makes life much smoother when you are transparent and genuine. Mentor someone and share your skills and knowledge. This is the only way the world can keep growing.

Awestruck:  adjective: filled with or revealing awe







Improve your Craft:

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Wether you are into art or numbers, do all that you do, the best that you can do. There is always room to evolve and improve, Think of how different the world would be if we didn’t have the technology that we have today.

I know personally I can not live without my Iphone let alone a flat iron. My life would be a hot mess if none of those great pioneers pushed themselves into bettering their craft.

Its always a little scary pushing yourself to the next level. That is why I surround myself with people who are motivated and strong, to keep me on my toes.

Be apart of a community and give back. This can be done with something as simple as telling your Facebook friends to have a great day, or volunteering for a charity.

Don’t forget to count your blessing and be grateful. There is to many wonderful things to taste in this life to not be in love with it all.



Let it all soak in:



Now I have given you the map, go out in this world and find your treasure. 
There is nothing wrong with being fabulous everyday!!!










Author: Kylie Sparks