New Year New You!

Coming to a end.

As 2012 is coming to a end I took some time and did a self assessment as I do every year. I talked amongst  my fellow coworkers to see what we could do for you this new year. With this little evaluation I came to the conclusion that 2012 was great, but 2013 could be even better. With so many opportunities coming up for everyone in life why not stop and take some personal time to care for yourself. Everyone has a busy life and is juggling multiple things at once, and sometimes we forget to take a look at ourselves. So this is what Park Avenue is proud to offer you this new year!

Skin Care 101 & Makeup Trends

  January 24th from 6-8 pm

Your skin is the largest living organ on our entire body. It is the mass that holds us together. To me one of the most important things we should be taking care of. I dermalogicaknow we all get rapped up in our same old routine when we get ready. But it really is worth it to add a few simple steps.

Product really works people! I would not be so passionate about my industry if I truly did not believe in the amazing companies I get to experience and work with on the daily and proud to offer you…..

Dermalogica: Dermalogica has been at the top of the skincare industry for years and it still baffles me that some people have never experienced this great line. With so many great products to choose from that are guaranteed to be perfect for your skin type. Whether you are extremely sensitive or suffer from breakouts or want to stop the sings of aging, this line is for you.

Dont worry about being over whelmed with the abundance of product choices our highly trained staff is here to help get you what you need. With a skin analysis we can recommend your at home cocktails.

So now you know… what better way then to come in let us take care of you and get you on the right track. This event will be limited so RSVP with us next time your in the salon or feel free to give us a ring and put you and a friends name down on the list.


Holli Chris and Makeup trends: Holli herself will be sharing her massive amount of knowledge about the beautiful world of makeup. She will be talking about the new up and coming looks for the new year. And all the great products we have at the salon.

                 Blowout Bootcamp!

bodyupprobrush                         February 7th from 6-8pm

As I am sure most of you have seen we have a new blowout brush system in our salon from the makers of Body Up Pro. And this system is what help us stylist create that full volumous blowdrys that we all love with one simple tool. The technology behind the Body Up Pro brush system is astonishing, made with tourmaline and ionic triple coated ceramic this “brush” goes above and beyond. With that said we are going to personally hold a event that we teach you on how you can improve your blowdrys at home. As much as we would love  you to be in our chairs everyday we understand that it is pretty impractical. So why not educated you all and share our knowledge and skills to help you!

Blowout Bootcamp is a personal one on one class and fun event where we all can hang out have a great time and learn some hair care! We will have lots of goodies and special treats for you all. Learning the foundation on how to give yourself a great at home blowout with the top of the line products that we have to offer you is a great start to bettering a new you!

But spots are limited and we will be RSVP-ing. There will be a sign up sheet at the salon or call us and let us know you are interested so you can insure your slot for the class.


                           Brazilian Blowout 101

                                                  February 28th from 6-8 pm

So I know most of you are still worried about the Brazilian Blowout being harmful. I assure you people that you have nothing to be worried about. You have a greater risk getting harmed while going to the grocery store than getting this treatment done. They have come back with a new formulation that meets the FDA approval and is back stronger than ever on the market.



What is a Brazilian Blowout? Let me tell you, This is a smoothing treatment that tames those wild locks and cuts the frizz while smoothing down the cuticle of your hair strand. With a end result being healthy, shiny, frizz free smooth hair.

If you have ever thought about it but you are still not 100% sure this event will be a great way to let you know if this treatment is right for you. We will have a rep from the company that will be coming in to help ease your mind about this product.


Overwhelmed yet?

Well don’t be, there is no need to stress out about what you need to do. This is why we are here! And that was my little shpeal for you all about the amazing events that we will be hosting all to help you with your New year New you!! Hope to see you at one of these classes with a friend and back in the salon.