Nail News: The Modern Mani

Pink black and whiteThe Modern Mani:

With the recent explosion of nail art on social media (Instagram, respectively), “digital” designs have taken on a varied versatility ranging from edgy to everyday. The modern manicure has a distinctively DIY esthetic to it, with an emphasis on iconic, “mix-matched” patterns (think Ikat and Chevron), along with thoughtful details such as studding, pearls, and adorable appliques.


If designs aren’t for you, a bold and unusual color will keep you current. A mismatched mani/pedi combo comprised of complimentary colors (think Barbie pink and emerald green) is on trend, plus a wonderful idea if you’re feeling indecisive on which color to choose! *Remember, shorter nails dressed up with a statement hue is a quick, classy way to wear a trend.Roses


Whether novice or manicure maven, there’s a look for everyone in the world of nail art. Bring photos of your favorites to your nail stylist and remember (as with any emerging trend), communication is key! Along with your color and/or design selection, point out any details you despise. The key in getting exactly what you want is knowing what you DON’T want!

ombre nails

Do-It-Yourself-er? Here’s a few things to keep in mind to make the most of your manicure…


Properly Prepped:

essie base coat

Get optimal results by properly prepping your nails.

Start by lightly buffing the nail with a 320 grit block buffer. Available at most beauty supply stores, the buffer can be used on natural nails without damaging the surface.

Follow up with a base coat (we adore Essie First Base). This combination provides a sticky surface for the color to cling to, which ultimately minimizes chipping!


Perfect Your Polish:


To prevent polish from bubbling, try to let it dry for at least five minutes in between coats. In addition, don’t forget to “cap the edge”, by lightly applying polish to the very tip and underneath portion of your nails. Doing so also prevents chipping, so you’ll want to use this technique with base, color, AND top coat. Speaking of top coats…


Top It Off:


top coatA quality top coat is essential to mani maintenance! Not only does it provide a flawless finish, but it also speeds up the drying time, important for those on the go!

Our favorite: Essie Good To Go.

Not gaga for gloss? Try a matte top coat instead- we love Essie Matte About You

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Cuticle Care:


Your cuticles create a barrier between the skin and nails that keep infectious organisms and bacteria out, so never neglect! Moisturize hands after every wash and invest in a quality cuticle conditioning treatment. Most importantly, never pick at hang nails or dry cuticles and protect those paws! Wear gloves while cleaning, doing dishes, etc. and steer clear of abrasive chemicals.



No time? No Problem!

Consider a soak off, gel polish manicure to keep hands looking clean for up to three weeks! Gelish, a hybrid nail lacquer with hard gel qualities, comes in a wide range of colors (from nudes to neons), remains chip free, and virtually NEVER fades. Why we love it even more: Gelish system uses an LED curing lamp which dries color in 60 seconds!


Lets Review:

Vision and trends, Mix match colors or eye catching artwork.images

Prep and Clean, a well conditioned pair of paws will ensure you get the most of your mani.

Apply and have fun! let people compliment you on your mini canvases.

No time  for all of this? Not a problem come in and let us take care of you here at the salon!




Author: Summer Olson